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Changing the story of dementia

old people smiling with their family In the UK, dementia affects 850,000 people and is now the biggest single cause of death for women, and a major cause of death in men. There have been no real 'break-throughs' in treatments for dementia in over 20 years and HealthWise Wales is helping the Dementias Platform UK (DPUK) to change this.

We know that the causes of dementia start decades before symptoms show, and so the best people to help study these causes are healthy volunteers. Members of HealthWise Wales are ideal for dementia research because they provide information via our research questionnaires and have their healthcare data linked while they are still healthy. This will allow connections to be made between lifestyle, environmental factors and brain function which can help to understand and predict dementias.

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What is HealthWise Wales?

HealthWise Wales is your unique opportunity to be part of shaping the health and wellbeing of future generations in Wales, and help the NHS in Wales to plan for the future. For more information, watch this short film or read more here.

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What does it involve?

  1. Register online or by phone to say that you are willing to take part in research. This takes no more than 10 minutes.
  2. Complete short questionnaires every 6 months, so that we get an ongoing picture of your lifestyle and health.
  3. We'll let you know when there are new studies to join; you choose whether to take part or not.

Research is vital to develop better treatments and manage diseases

  • Wales faces many health challenges.
  • People are living longer, but one in three adults say that their daily activities are limited by a health problem and one in two people over 65 are being treated for two or more health conditions.
  • There are many studies taking place to address these issues, but researchers find it difficult to recruit enough people.

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