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On this page, we answer questions about who will be responsible for doing and overseeing the work.

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Who is doing the study?

HealthWise Wales is a partnership between the public and the scientific community in Wales. It is funded by Health and Care Research Wales which has responsibility for research in the NHS in Wales.

The day to day running of the study will be done by a team of researchers based in Cardiff and Swansea Universities. The study will be overseen by a Public Involvement Delivery Board (PIDB) and a Scientific Steering Committee.

Dr Shantini Paranjothy of Cardiff University is the Scientific Lead for the project.

Who are the Public Involvement Delivery Board (PIDB)?

The Public Involvement Delivery Board (PIDB) provides oversight on public involvement and engagement across all activities within Health and Care Research Wales, but also provides advice on and scrutiny of the HealthWise Wales project. The PIDB aims to ensure that the public are fully involved in the governance, delivery and operation of HealthWise Wales. In so doing, the aim of the Public Involvement Delivery Board is to help ensure that HealthWise Wales is being managed in the public's interest and delivering for the benefit of the people of Wales.

For more information on the Public Involvement Delivery Board, please click here.

The HealthWise Wales Policy for Public Involvement is as follows:

● HealthWise Wales (HWW) aims to create a partnership between researchers and the public as equal contributors.

● HWW was conceived and will be developed with the public, for the public. The public will be involved in all aspects of the project including governance, management and promotion.

● Public Involvement will be embedded throughout the project.

● All public facing documents and events will have public involvement before they become public facing.

● Members of the public will be involved in planning and reviewing public facing materials and events, scrutinising research proposals, developing public involvement policy and plans and in the monitoring and evaluation of public involvement.

● Members of the public contributing to the project will have clearly defined roles and will participate in capturing and evaluating the impact of their involvement.

● Members of the public will be offered support and training if required to ensure they are able to make an effective contribution.

● All members of the public working in partnership with HWW will be encouraged to join the Involving People Network.

● The Public Involvement and Delivery Board, chaired by a member of the public will work with HWW to help ensure the project is being managed in the public's interest and delivering for the benefit of the people of Wales.

● HWW Champions will be members of the public who volunteer to promote the project to others.

● All studies wishing to use HWW data or the research platform need to demonstrate how they have and will involve the public in their study.

● All HWW research team members will be trained on facilitating public involvement.

● An implementation plan will be developed to ensure the policy is translated into practice.

● A review and evaluation of all public involvement activities will be undertaken annually.

● The public involvement policy has been developed with the public. It is the responsibility of all those involved with HWW to adhere to the policy. The policy will be reviewed as part of the overall review of public involvement on an annual basis.

Who are the Scientific Steering Group?

The HealthWise Wales Scientific Steering Group provide advice and scrutiny for the development and delivery of the HealthWise Wales initiative. They are made up of representatives from HealthWise Wales and Health and Care Research Wales, along with academic and lay representatives.

The Scientific Steering Group will:

● Provide expert advice on the development and delivery of the HealthWise Wales proposal

● Provide scrutiny on the delivery plan for the HealthWise Wales

● Review regular reports on the progress of the initiative from the Executive Group

● Monitor participation rates for the initiative and advise on strategies to ensure that it remains on target

● Advise on recruitment strategies for the initiative

● Review outputs from specific working groups set up to support the further development of the initiative, and provide advice as to the appropriate stage for delivery

● Approve any amendments to the initiative proposal

● Approve the process for assessing requests for access to HealthWise Wales data, contribute to the assessment of these requests as required and provide recommendations to the Public Involvement Delivery Board (PIDB) on the appropriateness of data access requests

● Approve the process for enabling contact with individuals regarding specific study opportunities

● Act as the link with the National Research Centre and Units and Research Infrastructure Groups to ensure the utility of HealthWise Wales is maximised in supporting the work programmes of these groups.

Scientific Steering Group list of members:

NameOrganisation Representing
Ian JonesCardiff UniversityNCMH
Shantini ParanjothyCardiff UniversityHealthWise Wales
Jonathan BissonHealth and Care Research WalesHealth and Care Research Wales
Adrian EdwardsCardiff UniversityPRIME
Alison OrrellBangor UniversityBangor University
Angela MartinWelsh GovernmentWelsh Government
Charles MusselwhiteSwansea UniversityCentre for Innovative Ageing
Charlotte Bonner-EvansCardiff UniversityHealthWise Wales
Chris RobertsWelsh GovernmentWelsh Government
David FordSwansea UniversitySAIL
Donald FraserCardiff UniversityKidney Research Unit
Greg FeganSwansea UniversitySwansea Trials Unit
James ColleyWelsh GovernmentWelsh Government
John ChesterCardiff UniversityWales Cancer Research Centre
Julia TownsonCardiff UniversityHealthwise Wales
Kerry HoodCardiff UniversityClinical Trials Unit
Liam GrayCardiff UniversityBrain Research Unit
Mark AtkinsonSwansea UniversitySAIL
Paul BrocklehurstBangor UniversityNWORTH
Ronan LyonsSwansea UniversityNational Centre for Population Health and Wellbeing Research
Steve BainSwansea UniversityDiabetes Research Unit

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