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Changing the story of Dementia

Why change the story of dementia?

In the UK, dementia affects 850,000 people and is now the biggest single cause of death for women, and a major cause of death in men. It is important to improve the early diagnosis and treatment of dementia to reduce the burden of this debilitating condition on patients and their families. There have been no real 'break-throughs' in treatments for dementia in over 20 years and HealthWise Wales is helping the Dementias Platform UK (DPUK) to do this.

How can you help?

If you are over 40, you can volunteer to take part in dementia studies by signing up to Great Minds and completing online tests. You can access these via the HWW platform.

What will this involve?

If you agree to register with Great Minds, you will be asked to create an online account and be presented with the online cognitive tests, which you will be asked to repeat at intervals. As a member of Great Minds, you will also be notified of other research studies into dementia, which you may take part in should you wish to.

Why are HealthWise Wales working with DPUK?

Many HWW participants and their families have been affected by dementia. Our participants have told us that dementia research is important and should be a research priority for HWW. We have identified the Great Minds project as a way of delivering dementia research opportunities to our participants.

We know that the causes of dementia start decades before symptoms show, and so the best people to help study these causes are healthy volunteers. Members of HealthWise Wales provide information via our research questionnaires and have their healthcare data linked while they are still healthy. This is ideal for dementia research because the information from the lifestyle questionnaires and other data provided to HealthWise Wales can be linked to the cognitive questionnaires from the Great Minds project. This will allow connections to be made between lifestyle, environmental factors and brain function which can help to understand and predict dementias. And of course, the more questions you answer for HealthWise Wales, the clearer the picture will be for the Researchers!

Joining Great Minds

Becoming a member of Great Minds is easy, secure and you stay in control. In a few simple steps, you'll be part of a research community focused on stopping dementia before it starts.

To join, please register with HealthWise Wales, or login to your HealthWise Wales account, and follow the link to Great Minds.

Please note that the Great Minds questionnaires are external to HealthWise Wales and are only available in English.

Once you join Great Minds, they will use the information you provide to start matching you with the kinds of studies that you are interested in. With your help, Great Britain will lead research to keep our Great Minds healthy.

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