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HealthWise Wales has registered over 30,000 people but we need more

HealthWise Wales has registered over 30,000 people but we need more

HealthWise Wales since being launched in 2016, has reached a milestone by registering over 30,000 participants to either take part in, or provide information for, research studies.

This data will allow health experts in Wales to build a detailed picture of the health of the nation and target prevention.

Cardiff University's Professor Shantini Paranjothy, scientific lead for the project. Said: "This is an exciting milestone for the HealthWise Wales study. We are really pleased with how the public in Wales have engaged with HealthWise Wales and are already taking part in the research studies we are supporting. Recruitment is ongoing and we look forward to increasing the number of participants further, to enable the research that will help shape how healthcare is provided in the future."

So far HealthWise Wales has had more than 70,000 responses to health and lifestyle questionnaires ranging from health issues such as stroke, cancer, diabetes and mental health.

Jeff Horton, a public involvement representative for HealthWise Wales, said:

"HealthWise Wales is a fantastic study. In the medium to long term, it will benefit the health and wellbeing of everyone in Wales. If you have already signed up for this study, tell your friends and family how important this study is and ask them to sign up too."

Although registering 30,000 people is an amazing achievement, it amounts to 1% of the population. That is why we need you to help us spread the message about HealthWise Wales and help us reach that next milestone. We need as many people as possible aged 16 and over, whether they are healthy or in poorer health to register with HealthWise Wales.

Remember to login regularly as we are releasing new questionnaires to fill out.

See how the first 21,000 are contributing to research for the future health of the nation in the BMJ Open journal


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