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HealthWise Wales Collaboration receives over 6,000 Responses

Recently featured in The Welsh Pharmacy review magazine. Dr Rowan Yemm's talks about life at Cardiff University as Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice, Associate Course Director for the Independent Prescribing programme, and Continuing Professional Development Lead for the school as well as collaborating on population-based research.


Having graduated from the University of East Anglia in 2009. Dr Rowan returned to complete her PhD exploring interface issues and hospital discharge focusing on communication issues, cultural differences and working practices across primary and secondary care. During her studies, Dr Rowan was involved in the development and early application of the 2012 Royal Pharmaceutical Society's transfer of care guidance.

Working at Cardiff University

Dr Rowan has been a Lecturer at Cardiff University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences since 2013, leading and developing first and second-year undergraduate clinical and professional modules. If Dr Rowan's timetable wasn't busy enough, in 2019 Dr Rowan joined the postgraduate teaching team which is lead by Dr Karen Hodson. Teaching Health Psychology and Behaviour Change as well as recently being appointed Lead for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses to work towards complementing the Health Education and Improvement Wales. This will include developing the CPD portfolio to include activities to support the changing pharmacy and healthcare workforce.

Dr Rowan's Research

Alongside Dr Rowan's post on the Teaching and Scholarship career pathway, Dr Rowan conducts scholarship activities to inform and enrich her teaching. Supervising both undergraduate and postgraduate research projects which include co-supervision of a PhD student funded by a Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship (KESS 2).

This involves consulting with external collaborators and practice stakeholders, exploring current issues facing the pharmacy workforce and meeting the needs of patients.

Dr Rowan's Collaboration with HealthWise Wales

Dr Rowan is part of the Medicines Optimisation and Healthcare Outcomes (MOHO) group which is formed of academic staff members working closely on health-related research themes.

It is through MOHO, that Dr Rowan met Dr Lisa Hunt. A Senior Lecturer in the Division of Population Medicine in the School of Medicine, also at Cardiff University, who was involved with the development of the HealthWise Wales platform.

At the time Dr Rowan had been working on a project investigating patients' perceptions of the price of medicines and had identified the need to expand this project across the general public in Wales.

It is through this collaboration with HealthWise Wales that Dr Rowan published an online survey collecting data on public perceptions of adding medication prices to dispensing labels. Whether this may serve to reduce medicines wastage and affect how people use their medicines.

Dr Rowan's survey received over 6,000 responses that are currently being analysed.

Here at HealthWise Wales, we would like to thank everyone who participated in this survey and to keep up the incredible work by completing your questionnaires.

You can read Dr Rowan's full interview here:

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