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Ground-breaking Research into Parkinson's Disease

Ground-breaking Research into Parkinson's Disease

Researchers at University College London and Queen Mary, University of London are looking for healthy volunteers to participate in the "PREDICT-PD" study (REC ref: 10/H0716/85).
Please click here to get more information about the PREDICT-PD study and to participate. Please note that this is an external study and is available in English only.

You will be eligible to participate if:

  • You do not have a diagnosis of Parkinson's or any other movement disorder
  • You are aged 60-80 years old
  • You have access to the internet

PREDICT-PD is a ground-breaking project using simple tests to identify people at high risk of Parkinson's disease before the symptoms appear. Research suggests that problems including loss of sense of smell, sleep problems, constipation, anxiety and depression may occur many years before the movement problems of Parkinson's appear.

Parkinson's is the second most common degenerative disease of the brain after Alzheimer's disease. However, the number of people getting Parkinson's is growing faster than any neurological condition, and it is estimated that it will affect 14 million people worldwide by 2040. Once the diagnosis is made, there is no cure; there are only treatments to reduce the symptoms.

The team believes that if predictions can be made regarding who is going to get Parkinson's, treatments may become available for those in the early stages that could slow or prevent the condition progressing - which would be a major step forward towards a cure and could have huge knock-on implications for dementia and other age-related diseases of the brain.

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