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HealthWise Wales Newsletter Summer 2018

HealthWise Wales Newsletter
Summer 2018

We now have over 22,000 participants! Thank you for joining us.

According to the data collected on our website, these are the top 10 reasons you gave us for joining HealthWise Wales:

  • 1. Well-being of others
  • 2. To improve the NHS for the future
  • 3. To help with research
  • 4. Related to your work / studies
  • 5. To understand trends in health
  • 6. Issues with your own health
  • 7. An interest in health
  • 8. To provide your opinion
  • 9. A recommendation by someone
  • 10. You have joined previous studies

Join our new user panel

Your involvement is important in every aspect of HealthWise Wales studies. We would therefore like to invite you to join our user testing panel for new questionnaires that are made available on the website every six months. This will involve filling in the questionnaires before they are available on the website and giving our feedback on areas for improvement. If you are interested in taking part or to find out more, please contact the HealthWise Wales team at

Thank you from our Researchers

You are already making a huge difference to research being carried out in Wales. Your support in answering online surveys and volunteering to contribute to research studies has a real impact on the value of the results produced. Thank you!

Please log in to your account to make sure your surveys are up to date. Researchers need this information to help solve health and care issues affecting people in Wales.

Here are some updates from the research you have contributed to through HealthWise Wales.

Public Attitudes towards Death and Dying: Key Results

We recently asked HealthWise Wales participants to complete an online survey into attitudes towards death and dying. The Research team were overwhelmed by the response they got in a short space of time, with over 2,200 people completing the survey. They were able to pull out some key facts and figures, which they will present to the Welsh Government End of Life Board in the summer. A more in depth quantitative analysis will be produced in the Autumn.

The researchers said: "We are extremely thankful to all the participants for sharing your sincere thoughts on death and dying with us. Your contribution will help us in bringing about positive changes in the society. We again very much appreciate your time and kind support."
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Health and the Senses study

The School of Psychology at Cardiff University are investigating health and the senses and asked HealthWise Wales participants to help by completing an online survey. Dr Georgie Powell said:

"We received a really fantastic response to the survey from Healthwise Wales volunteers and are so thankful to all the participants that took part. We are currently conducting analyses to explore the complex interrelationships between dizziness, migraine, sensory sensitivity and anxiety. Rehabilitation of dizzy patients is often challenging and we hope that by understanding the 'bigger picture' we can develop treatments that target the condition from a number of different angles."
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Hear from our public team member

HealthWise Wales public representative, Jeff Horton, explains how the public have been involved in HealthWise Wales.

"Significantly, HWW's ambition is to create a unique and equal partnership where the public work with researchers to prioritise, shape, design, conduct and deliver high quality research."
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Out and about with HealthWise Wales

The team have been out and about across Wales promoting HealthWise Wales. Recent events include the Swansea Air Show and the Superbugs antimicrobial resistance event at Techniquest as well as the usual attendance at leisure centres, libraries, hospitals and more! To find out more about what we have been up to follow us on Twitter @HealthWiseWales

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