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Lymphoma TrialsLink provides service for those affected by Lymphoma in the UK

Lymphoma TrialsLink provides service for those affected by Lymphoma in the UK

Lymphoma Action is a UK charity that provides information and support for people affected by Lymphoma. They have launched Lymphoma TrialsLink, a service that offers clinical trials information with patient-friendly information and resources about clinical trials. This includes a regularly-updated database of lymphoma-related clinical trials that are currently available in the UK, which is searchable by location, type of lymphoma, status of lymphoma and age.

Many people with lymphoma, particularly those with relapsed or refractory disease are treated through clinical trials. Deciding whether to enter a clinical trial can be a difficult and important decision. It can seem daunting and complicated. Lymphoma TrialsLink aims to provide lymphoma patients with information about clinical trials so they can make an informed decision about whether or not they'd like to take part. This includes a lay summary of each trial to help patients find trials they might be eligible for. The service does not recruit patients directly to trials but encourages patients to discuss trials with their medical team.

Lymphoma TrialsLink helps you to find out more about clinical trials and what they involve - when you are ready, simply search for a clinical trial that may be suitable for you. We hope this service helps you to make an informed decision and choice regarding your lymphoma treatment and care.

To find out more, please visit: Lymphoma TrialsLink

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