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Results from the Attitudes Towards Death and Dying study

Results from the Attitudes Towards Death and Dying study

We recently asked HealthWise Wales participants to complete an online survey into attitudes towards death and dying.

The study was led by Cardiff University researchers, Prof Annmarie Nelson, Dr Anthony Byrne, and Dr Ishrat Islam, from the Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Centre.

They were overwhelmed by the response they got in a short space of time, with over 2,200 people completing the survey. They were able to pull out some key findings, which they will present to the End of Life Board in early June 2018. A more comprehensive report will be submitted in August 2018.

The researchers said: "We are extremely thankful to all the participants for sharing your sincere thoughts on death and dying with us. This is not a popular topic and, as a society, we tend to feel uncomfortable in discussing death. It is amazing to see how many of you have overcome this common practice and shown your progressive outlooks by taking part in this survey. It is inspiring that some participants directly contacted us which not only showed their high level of engagement and sincerity towards the survey but also helped in improving the quality of our future work.

We are hoping to produce a number of conference presentations, journal papers etc. to disseminate the survey-findings in the next year.

Your contribution will help us in bringing about positive changes in the society. We again very much appreciate your time and kind support."

For the results, please click here. Please note that these are external report findings and are available in English only.

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