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Karen's Story

Karen's Story

A Flintshire mother who suffers from Parkinson's disease has joined a unique health research project in Wales to fight against major diseases.

Karen Shepherd, 56, has signed up to HealthWise Wales, a new project which will inform future generations' NHS services, to help people feel "more informed" and "less isolated" when it comes to battling serious health problems.

Karen, who has a husband, David, 59, says research has transformed the way she views her condition, and hopes more people sign up to HealthWise Wales so families and patients can be increasingly informed and guided about health problems.

"Attending research groups and getting involved as much as I can has been a really positive experience for me. I've taken part in a clinical trial which helped me to understand how to take care of myself, and feel motivated to make my condition as manageable as possible. Research isn't just about looking for the cure. It helps to bridge the gap between those in the lab and vulnerable patients. Ultimately, it highlights which services are needed and issues that need to be addressed, so people are as supported as possible."

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