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Who's Involved?

Thank you for taking the time to consider registering with HealthWise Wales.

The pages within this "FAQ" section contain detailed information on all aspects of the project. You do not need to know all of this information before you register, but we hope that you will find an answer to any questions that you have here.

On this page, we answer some more detailed questions about the research team and the other groups who will oversee the work.

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Who is working on the project?

The study team are based at Cardiff and Swansea Universities.

Who is paying for the project?

The project is being paid for by the Health and Care Research Wales in Wales which has responsibility for research in the NHS in Wales.

For more information about what they do, click here.

Who has approved the project?

All research is looked at by an independent group of people which includes scientists and members of the public, called a Research Ethics Committee. Its role is to protect your safety, rights, wellbeing and dignity. This study has been reviewed and approved by the Wales Research Ethics Committee 3. The study was also reviewed by a committee of experts.

You can find more information about participating in health research in this leaflet from the Association for Research Ethics: Health Research and You.

Who is overseeing the project?

The work of the study team will be overseen by a Public Involvement Delivery Board and a Scientific Steering Group who will meet every 3 months, to check on the progress of the work.

Is the project part of the NHS?

This study is central to research and development within the NHS in Wales and we will be working with the NHS on the project.

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